Mewor Engineering


Mewor® Engineering is a company specialized in Mechanical, Electrical, and Automation and Process Control Engineering, Manufacturing and Assembly services. It proposes integrity in its presentations, from the basics conceps of its projects, to the construction and start its of the same.

With a dynamic team of specialized engineers, Mewor® works along businesses that need to strengthen their technical capacity and also those that need specific engineering services.

Mewor® is a reactive consultant that adapts to the needs of its clients and works with them in the execution of their projects providing simple, economic, innovative, and competitive solutions. We guarantee maximum compromise to our clients on each project.




At Mewor Engineering we are convinced that the key to success is due to the human capital of our people.

Our work team is made up of professionals who combine an academic profile with experience in the industry.

We value openness and teamwork and consider that our organization is part of each of its members. We allow ourselves to open ourselves in the path of learning and innovation, training and constantly updating our people.

We consider transparency in the objectives of our company to be paramount, involving each person in their development. We invite you to magnify the work environment humanly every day, to unite it with the personal wishes of those who integrate Mewor Engineering and thus achieve comprehensive success.

In search of always having the most talented and trained human resources, you can send your CV to


- Leadership at all levels.

 - Promotion for integrity and responsibility.

- Teamwork and respect for individuality.

 - Opening for the reception of ideas, opinions and projects for the achievement of continuous improvement.

- Incentive to diversity.

 - Climate of trust and positive attitude.



España 2155 B7600DCQ.

Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Argentina.




+54 9 223 552 8131

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