At Mewor Engineering we are convinced that the key to success is due to the human capital of our people. 

Our work team is made up of professionals who combine an academic profile with experience in the industry.                             

We value openness and teamwork and consider that our organization is part of each of its members. We allow ourselves to open ourselves in the path of learning and innovation, training and constantly updating our people.                               

We consider transparency in the objectives of our company to be paramount, involving each person in their development. We invite you to magnify the work environment humanly every day, to unite it with the personal wishes of those who integrate Mewor Engineering and thus achieve comprehensive success 

En búsqueda de contar siempre con los recursos humanos mas talentosos y capacitados, puede enviarnos su CV a


                        – Liderazgo en todos los niveles.

                        – Promoción por la integridad y responsabilidad.

                        – Trabajo en equipo y respeto por la individualidad.

                        – Apertura para la recepción de ideas, opiniones y proyectos para el logro de la mejora continua.

                        – Incentivo a la diversidad.

                        – Clima de confianza y de actitud positiva.